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Presented by Joyful Revolution

The human imagination has lent itself to the simulation of all kinds of dreams and enhanced technology: both limited and boundless. As we look to the astral lights, space travel has been a tangible yet lofty and dreamlike concoction of the human spirit. Step into the cockpit of a rudimentary, crash-landed craft and see where it does (or doesn’t) take you.

Presented as part of the 2023 Portland Winter Light Festival


A family friendly, interactive art experience in Portland, OR that let's you soar through the stars!


This first iteration of This is Not Hyperspace is a single person cockpit constructed mostly of plywood with a seat and a gas pedal. The interior is pitch black until the pilot (you) steps on the gas to enter hyperspace. With some spacey tunes to get you in the mood, you control the speed at which you travel. The harder you press the gas pedal the faster you (the lights mounted inside the cockpit) go!

The outside is designed with your 80s adventure kid aesthetic in mind, a trail of glowing alien eyeball-fish and eyeball-flowers (designed by Laurel Jensen of Untangled Dragons) follow the flowing trail of leaked plasm from the crashed spacecraft. 

Hyperspace is mostly about having fun, allowing your imagination to run wild, and experiment with your impact on your environment. If you want to take a step further: consider our relationship with technology, how we shape, understand, and represent our reality and hark back to the ideas surrealist artist René Magritte from which the work titled is pulled in reference to his work The Treachery of Images

This is Joyful Revolutions first submission to the Portland Winter Light Festival, but hopefully not the last!

feedback from our guests

“This was exactly what I wanted when I was a kid."

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